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The Bribed Ballerina! | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

My daughter is a reluctant model.  With a mommy who is a photographer, who can blame her?  Being the oldest of the kids (meaning the only one who can really follow directions), she has had to put up with being mom’s model for her whole life.  So, when I got the itch to try out a modern backdrop that I just acquired, guess who got to do the honors??!  Yep, Miss A.  She started out in her cowgirl outfit but I was able to get her to put on the pettiskirt with bribery.  I know, I know!!!  What 4 year old girl needs bribery to put on a frilly skirt and dance around?  Mine, apparently!  So with promises of being able to play with the Chuck-E-Cheese coins, she acquiesed… and ended up wearing it all day (including to dinner out!).  Needless to say, momma (and photogra-mama) is happy with the results.  Can I say I’m biased?

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  1. Thanks Erin! It turned into a play session and she forgot she was “working”! As for the hair piece – Cherise’s Boutique! I bought it for a newborn shoot but thought it would work for older girls too and it did. Cherise has a ton of cute stuff, tell her I sent you. You can find her on facebook.

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