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Beautiful Belly! | Las Vegas Maternity Photographer

I never got the chance to post the belly pics of this little boy’s mama.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Would love to look like that when I was pregnant!

Las vegas maternity photographerLas vegas maternity photographer

Child Photography

My Men in the Morning… | LV Children’s Photographer

Las Vegas child photographer

It’s mid-February and I finally bought my boys slippers!  They have needed them for a long time but either the stores didn’t have their size, the slippers seemed as though they would just fall off toddler feet, or they were not the right price.  (The boys have socks, right?!) 

However, on Saturday I found myself digging through the clearance bins at REI (the only place hubby actually WANTS to shop with me!) and, lo and behold, highly-clearanced boys’ slippers in just the right sizes!  Acorn, nonetheless!

So this morning, I pulled them out for the twins who were, by the way, super excited to get them!  Not because they really know what slippers are but because they are both shoe freaks. 

I pulled out the camera to capture their twin slippered feet but “things” got in the way.  Things like toys all over the living room, things like not enough light except right in front of the window, things like Colin wanting to kiss the lens of my camera, things like them needing their coffee (er, I mean, milk)…  So I didn’t get what I started out for but I did capture a priceless pic of a typical Colin scowl as well as my men in the morning before they are fully functional.  Child photography at it’s best – documenting real life and real faces!

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Child Photography

Snow Fun! | Las Vegas Child Photographer

Taking a break from photo sessions and editing… aaahhh!  Well, mostly!

Here are two pictures that I did not take (I’m in one of them) but that I did edit.  Couldn’t resist sharing my cute kid as well as the sledding fun.  It is nice to take a break from photography (and life) once in a while to vacation with the family.

Las Vegas Child PhotographerLas Vegas Child Photographer