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Client referral program | Las Vegas Child Photographer

A few months ago I announced my new logo and, since then, I have re-vamped my business card, rack card and other advertising items.  Although most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth (what else is a better referral?! so THANK YOU!), it never hurts to have cards stragetically placed around town.  Below you’ll find a copy of my rack card (brochure size), front of my new business card (pictures on the back) and a referral card that I give my clients.  If you know of any businesses or social venues where I can leave my cards, please let me know.  I would appreciate it greatly.

If you would like any referral cards, also let me know ( and I will mail you some.  Not only does the person you give it to receive a complimentary 8×10 print, YOU get $30 in credit for each person you refer to me and who books a session.  It’s like giving away money!!! 🙂

All this brings me to needing to thank all of my clients for being such wonderful clients, for sending your friends my way and for being such fun people to photograph.  It’s you who make my business so thank you!

Las Vegas child photographer

Las Vegas child photographer

Child Photography Family photography Lifestyle photography

My babies are two! | Las Vegas children’s photographer

As any parent can attest, our babies grow up too quickly.  Now don’t get me wrong, babies are alot of work, as are toddlers – every age, I imagine, in its own unique way.  But hidden amongst all those diaper changes, tantrums, nights of lost sleep and triple changes of clothes (for mom!), there’s something special about each stage.  From the squishy sleepyness of the newborn to the belly laugh of a one year old, the first year encompasses unbelievable change.  But so does the second.  Once babies, here they are becoming little people with minds of their own.

…and such is the state of my twin boys.  They turned two a few weeks ago so we planned a family day down in Nelson, NV where old trucks, barns and signs live.  Here are the highlights of the shoot.  WARNING!!! These are my kids so there are ALOT of photos and a music slideshow at the end!  I also loved the area and can’t wait to take a client down there.  I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before!

Las Vegas Children's PhotographerLas Vegas child photographer

The bottom right one above is for Ailish’s preschool teacher.  “Miss Amy says hang upside down!”  And, indeed, she thinks she is hanging upside down! Love her! 

Las Vegas twins photographer

I’ll have to get my parents to scan the photograph, but Ian (far right in the left image) is the spitting image of my brother in an old-time photograph around the same age – expression included!!

undefinedFor some reason, Ailish has always had an affinity for Colin.  She loves both brothers but says she is going to marry Colin when she grows up.  Why?  “Because he attacks me!” So at the end of the morning, Ian had decided he was done and Ailish and Colin had a great time jumping on the porch.


Such a hard day of work!!! No wonder they have child labor laws! 🙂

Las Vegas children's photographer

Child Photography Family photography Lifestyle photography

Spring Mini Sessions | Las Vegas Child and Family Photographer

They’re here!!! Spring Mini Sessions!  In two weeks, I’ll be at either the Orchards or Floyd Lamb Park (depending on the state of green-ness of the orchard).  See below for details – such a great deal! Session fee, prints and mini brag album all in one price!  Please email me at or call me 202-4928 to reserve your spot.  I’m handing out times on a first come, first serve basis.  The time slots are:






This a great way to update those old family photos, get a new portrait of your child, commemorate an engagement, document a pregnancy or preserve moments of family togetherness (is that a word?).  Each 1/2 hour slot is limited to four people from the same family.  If you have more people, please contact me for pricing and timing.  Additional prints or digital images are also available for purchase.

See below for details and pricing for the mini sessions:

Las Vegas child photographer

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An old friend… | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

Las Vegas Children's photographer

Facebook.  You either love it or hate it.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread or you wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  It keeps you in touch with people you would have otherwise never heard from or it’s too shallow and you have REAL relationships.  Hmmm… I vote for the former! 

 While conversations on Facebook are usually not the deepest (they’re public for goodness sake!), I would have to say that I actually DO keep in touch with people, even on a meaningful level, that otherwise would have gone by the wayside.  Case in point, a friend of mine from  high school (whom I had not seen since high school) recently moved close to me.  By close I mean 4 hours away!  Hey, I live in Las Vegas and it’s in the middle of nowhere!  She’s now a Navy wife, stay-at-home mom (after an amazing career of her own) and embarking on a second career of blogging.  Hey, wait! I’m an Air Force wife, stay-at-home mom (had a previous career as a dietitian) and have embarked on a second career of photography. Enter Facebook:  “Hey, Suchada, let’s get together!” and thus began a fun and chaotic weekend of kids, cookie baking, parenting discussions and renewal of a friendship.  Because of facebook.

While I was there I, of course, had an impromptu photo shoot of my gorgeous friend and her super cute kiddos (see above and below).  I also photo-documented a pumpkin cookie baking session for a guest blog she was going to write on 3 moms and a kitchen.  The pictures don’t do it justice as I missed getting a picture with her baking and all five children under 4 in the kitchen with her!  But we had fun!

Check out her pictures below and her blog on natural parenting,  I appreciate her ability and willingness to analyze how she wants to raise her children and why she makes the decisions she does.

Las Vegas Children's photographer

Las Vegas Children's Photographer

Child Photography Newborn photography

Before and After | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

So I’m going to do it!  I’m going to let out a dirty little secret that most photographers keep hidden: what my images look like SOOC.  SOOC? What’s that?  Another federal government acronym like TSA?  Nope!  It just means Straight Out Of Camera, as in old school – no Photoshop, no Lightroom, no nada!  The reason I’m doing this is to show you why professional photographers are professional photographers. 

First, you have to have the technical skills to take pictures correctly and the persona to relate to your clients, among other things.  But you also need to be able to create a finished product.  Some photographers take pride in using Photoshop to make their photograph into a work of art (hours later!) and others pride themselves in not desiring to do much to said photo except tweak the exposure and color balance.  I’m in the middle.  I want take excellent images but I also know Photoshop and Lightroom can unleash the real potential of an image and make it a “Wow!” portrait.   Besides shooting in manual and adjusting for changing light considerations, I also enjoy seeing my images become refined portraits you can treasure forever.

Las Vegas Children's photographer