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Little Asher | Maryland Newborn Photographer

This little guy just turned one and I realized that I hadn’t blogged his newborn photos!  Wow, time flies!  So here are a few storyboards that I created as samples for mom.

Isn’t he just precious?  His skin and his lips are to die for! I love being a newborn photographer!

Stay tuned for future updates as I photographed this cutie over his first year.  I’m in the process of designing an archival quality photographic album bound on rigid pages with a custom photo cover of his first five photos shoots.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of keepsake for baby’s first year??!


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Project 52: Fresh | Maryland Lifestyle Photographer

One of the things I’ve been enjoying about Maryland is the availability of farm-fresh produce.  Last week my kids and I went to Butler’s Orchard, a local farm and farmer’s market, to pick our own blueberries and cherries.  The kids were SO excited to ride on the flatbed behind a tractor that takes you out to the picking area.  Once there, the blueberry plants did not disappoint!  Armed with milk cartons cut into buckets, we picked several gallons of blueberries and some tart cherries.

Of course, I forgot my camera the day of the expedition!!  So I had to document what we did with the fresh fruit.  First, I froze some to save for later.

Then I made a Blueberry Lemon Tart that was super yummy but such a pain to make!  The recipe says it’s simple but I don’t think any three part, several hour process is very simple with three kids running around and trying to make dinner at the same time.  Nevertheless, I re-attempted using lemon pudding with lemon zest mixed in as the filling as the first one made double dough.  Easier.  Not as yummy.

A Sour Cherry Frangipane (sugary almond paste under tart cherries) had to follow (but made with the crust of the blueberry tart because I doubled the dough recipe).  Again, super yummy but I don’t have a cherry pitter so it’ll be a while before I make it again from fresh cherries.

Then one afternoon I enlisted help from the troops to make Blueberry Freezer Jam.  Yummo!!  I didn’t quite measure exactly as the recipe states (I’m a good enough kind of gal when it comes to cooking… and cleaning!) so it’s soupier than should be but no one is complaining.

So take your kids to pick fruit and come home to make freezer jam!  It’s very easy and very little cooking is required.   Then the children can chase each other around, trying to get a lick of one of the spatulas.

But before you do, click on over here to see what Nancy Schumacher of North Dakota thinks is fresh.


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Maryland Family Photographer | Project 52: Handsome

This week’s theme is Handsome.  Of course I had to post a pic of the hubs. 🙂

Taken last week on our kid-free vacay to Portland, Oregon which was amazing!  Portland is an amazing town, the area surrounding it was stunning and being free to do what we wanted to and when we wanted to was refreshing!  Thanks, MIL!

Maryland family photographer


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