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Project 52: Complementary Colors | Bethesda, MD headshot photographer

A while ago I joined a group of professional photographers from around the world for a year-long project to expand our vision of photography.  Each week has a theme to interpret (and I admit, I’m not very good at keeping up with this).  This week’s theme is Complementary Colors.

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of photographing this lovely lady.  Sonia was beautiful from the start and we enjoyed my little hidden gem in Kensington again (check here for a maternity session in the same area).  Stayed tuned for more gorgeous photos next week as this is just a teaser sneak peek.

Bethesda, MD Indian photographer

Once you tear yourself from her mesmerizing eyes, you can check out what the talented Jenn Steffen of Pirates and Pixies Photography in Las Vegas, NV has to offer.

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Bundle | Bethesda, MD Maternity Photographer

Bun in the oven.

Bundle of joy.

Baby boy who shall not be named (until he is born, that is).

Whatever the reason, my soon-to-be-born nephew is called Bundle.  And here he is!

What a fun couple to work with – still so in love after 2 years of marriage and ready for anything!  Even watermelons!  We wandered all over a quaint part of Kensington and truly enjoyed ourselves.  As my sister–in-law put it, “I didn’t know taking pictures could  be so fun!”

And a little fun at the end!


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A Baby Brother | Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

On our crazy, cross-country trip this summer, we were privileged enough to be able to visit some good friends of ours.  This family holds a dear place in my photography heart (and real heart) as their oldest was one of my first ever photo shoots when she was 4 months old.  I also took their second daughter’s newborn pictures as well as various family photos and stages of babyhood for both along the way.  They’ve grown up behind my lens so I was excited to find out that my journey through Missouri coincided with the birth of their first boy!

He’s a sweetie and his older sisters just love him!  Be forewarned: this blog is picture heavy!  I spent all morning and bits and pieces of the afternoon chasing the perfect photos.

We started in the nursery since mom and dad (and grandma!) worked so hard to make such an amazing WWI themed room!

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


What a treat to be able to say, “hey grandma, can you stay just like that but come over here by the window” and poof!  Perfect picture with hardly any editing.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


At one point, when chaos was ensuing inside (my kids were there too), I stole the baby and took him outside for these shots.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


And, of course, many of the sweetest shost cannot be planned.  Baby fell asleep on mom’s shoulder and even smiled a bit for me. 🙂  These photos and the one of grandma are why I love lifestyle photography.  Invite me into your home, let me hang out a few hours with my camera and I’ll help you remember that precious tiny baby who is grown before you know it.  Click here to find out how to book a session.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


And a favorite that I already shared on my facebook page (come over and become a fan!):

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


What’s a baby brother newborn photo shoot without pics of the big sisters?!

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


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Project 52: Labor | Bethesda Lifestyle Photographer

In support of Labor Day, we’re all about child labor here! 😉  Really, I just want my kids to help out a bit.  Even a teensy, weensy bit.

So my 5 year old mopped the kitchen floor the other day and basically made a swimming pool of it.  But she had a good time and it got clean.  I’d post a pic here but she was in her skivvies!

Thursday one of my 3 year olds wanted to help vacuum and I realized that the cheap stick vac from wally world transforms into an actually useful, child-size vacuum when you take the handle off.  My kids are doing the stairs and dog-hair-dust bunnies all the time from now on!

Bethesda lifestyle photographer

Don’t forget to check out the ever-talented Jenn Steffen at Pirates and Pixies Photography in Las Vegas, NV.