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Project 52: Back to School | Bethesda Child Photographer

My baby is going to kindergarten!  Well, she’s actually my oldest but my first to head off, so that’s hard.  She even decided she wants to take the bus to school the FIRST day!  She says she “practiced” riding the bus with me a few weeks ago when we took one out to a Civil War Re-enactment, so she’s set.  Wow!

So to commemorate the occasion, we took a little mommy-daughter date and drove around Montgomery County, MD looking for school buses to use in our photo shoot.

First, we went to the depot in Bethesda.  No dice! Locked and high fences.  Then we headed to the depot and maintenance yard in Silver Spring, MD.  Again, locked and fences but the maintenance yard was open.  However, we had seen two buses in front of a high school as we were driving so we headed back there.

Bummer!  One bus gone and one behind a fence.

However, upon closer inspection, the fence was not locked so we had a little photo shoot with it.  I forgot to ask it for a model release but I think it’s all good.  He seemed a bit lonely in the back-forty of the parking lot.

Montgomery County child photographer

Bethesda Child Photographer

Bethesda Child Photographer

Continue the circle and see what Jenn Steffen of Pirates and Pixies Photography has in store for back to school!


  1. Oh, isn’t it amazing that they are already in Kindergarten?! She looks so grown up! Good on you finding a school bus. We won’t get to ride them to school, even though the girls so so want to.

  2. What a big girl! That’s great that she wants to take the bus her first day. I think I was more nervous on my oldest’s first day of school than she was. lol I’m glad you were able to find a school bus. Very cute pictures!

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  3. And the bus was open too! Way to persevere.

    I have an appointment with an osprey nest and a full-moon on Thursday. I hope the Ospreys have not fledged already. Looked good on Friday. Gotta drive two hours one way.

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