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Alannah and Kyla | Maryland Newborn Twins Photographer

Shortly after I moved to Bethesda, MD, a friend from where I used to live introduced me to this wonderful couple.  She was 5 or so months pregnant and, having twins myself, we talked “shop.” 🙂  A few months later these wee ladies decided to make their entrance into the world a bit early but are now thriving.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take their newborn portraits and, boy, are they beautiful, especially sleeping in daddy’s arms.



maryland newborn photographer

washington dc newborn twins photographer

washington dc newborn twins photographer

I love photographing twins (I might be a bit biased!) because it can be a challenge but also because you see the love and bond between them.

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The Many Faces of Jessica | Bethesda, MD Baby Photographer

I was recently inspired by another photographer to start a new type of session called “Faces.”

A “Faces” session is a great way to capture your child’s personality at a moment in time.  We all love the natural smiles of our children but don’t you love their other expressions too?  I know I do!  How lovely is it to see a picture of your child and think, “that’s SO him!”

And thus began, Faces.

Your Faces session is a 30 minute mini session for one child either at my home studio in Bethesda, at a park or at your home (if you have more than one child/session) – and you don’t have to think about what she is going to wear because I will be taking pictures of her face!  Perfect for cold winter days or to capture a quick moment with each child.  The Faces package includes the session, a 16×16 ready-to-hang Thin Wrap* 9 opening collage and 15% off any other purchases for $225.

* A thin wrap is  ready-to-hang photo art, printed on photo lustre paper with a protective coating, professionally wrapped around 1/4″ gatorboard and finished with a mount that floats it off the wall. Bethesda, MD child photographer


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Project 52: Blue | Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

Today’s theme is blue… well, there’s blue in his blanket! 🙂  Really, I just wanted to share a pic of my new nephew with you.

He was so exhausted after reading all those books that he had to take a nap!  He’s precocious – only seven days old and already taking after his mom who is a librarian.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


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A Baby Brother | Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

On our crazy, cross-country trip this summer, we were privileged enough to be able to visit some good friends of ours.  This family holds a dear place in my photography heart (and real heart) as their oldest was one of my first ever photo shoots when she was 4 months old.  I also took their second daughter’s newborn pictures as well as various family photos and stages of babyhood for both along the way.  They’ve grown up behind my lens so I was excited to find out that my journey through Missouri coincided with the birth of their first boy!

He’s a sweetie and his older sisters just love him!  Be forewarned: this blog is picture heavy!  I spent all morning and bits and pieces of the afternoon chasing the perfect photos.

We started in the nursery since mom and dad (and grandma!) worked so hard to make such an amazing WWI themed room!

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


What a treat to be able to say, “hey grandma, can you stay just like that but come over here by the window” and poof!  Perfect picture with hardly any editing.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


At one point, when chaos was ensuing inside (my kids were there too), I stole the baby and took him outside for these shots.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


And, of course, many of the sweetest shost cannot be planned.  Baby fell asleep on mom’s shoulder and even smiled a bit for me. 🙂  These photos and the one of grandma are why I love lifestyle photography.  Invite me into your home, let me hang out a few hours with my camera and I’ll help you remember that precious tiny baby who is grown before you know it.  Click here to find out how to book a session.

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


And a favorite that I already shared on my facebook page (come over and become a fan!):

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


What’s a baby brother newborn photo shoot without pics of the big sisters?!

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer


Baby photography Child Photography Project 52

Project 52: Small | Maryland

Almost two weeks ago my kids and I set out on a crazy road trip across the United States.  We left Maryland and ended in Colorado, visiting friends and family, crossing eight states along the way.  In Illinois, we were able to visit my smallest niece and take some almost-one year old pictures.  She was a miracle baby and we all love her!

Maryland baby photographer


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