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Eve as a child? {Las Vegas Children’s Photographer}

We’ve made several trips to Gilcrease Orchard this fall to pick pumpkins, apples and corn.  What fun for a three year old and couple of one year olds!  Of course, photog mommy can’t go without her camera.  In fact, this morning when we were there again, I asked my daughter if she wanted to get her picture taken in the row of apple trees.  Her response?  “I don’t like getting my picture taken!”  Poor mommy!  Nevertheless, here is my fav pic of her from the last time.  A friend said that maybe it’s what Eve looked like in the garden as a child.  Lol! 

PS. I’m having trouble with the dullness of my photos when I put them on my blog – does anyone know why that might be?  On Facebook and my computer they look great but on this blog they lose their brightness and full color… bahh!

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