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Mr J and Mr M | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

I was honored, once again, to take these little guys’ pictures.  At 6 months, 9 months and 12 months, they made me really EARN my keep as one was always a bit cranky.  BUT, this time, we got to run around Floyd Lamb and play in the puddles and roll apples, so no one was having a rough time.  It helps to have a laid back mom (thanks, Lisa!) who does not mind her kids getting wet and dirty!  The more dirt, the more fun according to most little boys.

Little boys… that reminds me, I really can’t call these guys little.  If the NBA had a toddler league, they’d be all over it!  At 18 months they are as tall as any 2 year old and most 3 year olds!  What are you feeding them, mom?

Las Vegas twins photographer

They both have just beautiful eyes!  And we had a blast running around and playing.  I love toddler shoots!

Las Vegas child photographerundefined

Hey, who’s idea was it to put us in these tubs?  They are meant for pee-wees!  Not NBA toddlers!

Las Vegas twins photographer


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