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An old friend… | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

Las Vegas Children's photographer

Facebook.  You either love it or hate it.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread or you wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  It keeps you in touch with people you would have otherwise never heard from or it’s too shallow and you have REAL relationships.  Hmmm… I vote for the former! 

 While conversations on Facebook are usually not the deepest (they’re public for goodness sake!), I would have to say that I actually DO keep in touch with people, even on a meaningful level, that otherwise would have gone by the wayside.  Case in point, a friend of mine from  high school (whom I had not seen since high school) recently moved close to me.  By close I mean 4 hours away!  Hey, I live in Las Vegas and it’s in the middle of nowhere!  She’s now a Navy wife, stay-at-home mom (after an amazing career of her own) and embarking on a second career of blogging.  Hey, wait! I’m an Air Force wife, stay-at-home mom (had a previous career as a dietitian) and have embarked on a second career of photography. Enter Facebook:  “Hey, Suchada, let’s get together!” and thus began a fun and chaotic weekend of kids, cookie baking, parenting discussions and renewal of a friendship.  Because of facebook.

While I was there I, of course, had an impromptu photo shoot of my gorgeous friend and her super cute kiddos (see above and below).  I also photo-documented a pumpkin cookie baking session for a guest blog she was going to write on 3 moms and a kitchen.  The pictures don’t do it justice as I missed getting a picture with her baking and all five children under 4 in the kitchen with her!  But we had fun!

Check out her pictures below and her blog on natural parenting,  I appreciate her ability and willingness to analyze how she wants to raise her children and why she makes the decisions she does.

Las Vegas Children's photographer

Las Vegas Children's Photographer

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