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My babies are two! | Las Vegas children’s photographer

As any parent can attest, our babies grow up too quickly.  Now don’t get me wrong, babies are alot of work, as are toddlers – every age, I imagine, in its own unique way.  But hidden amongst all those diaper changes, tantrums, nights of lost sleep and triple changes of clothes (for mom!), there’s something special about each stage.  From the squishy sleepyness of the newborn to the belly laugh of a one year old, the first year encompasses unbelievable change.  But so does the second.  Once babies, here they are becoming little people with minds of their own.

…and such is the state of my twin boys.  They turned two a few weeks ago so we planned a family day down in Nelson, NV where old trucks, barns and signs live.  Here are the highlights of the shoot.  WARNING!!! These are my kids so there are ALOT of photos and a music slideshow at the end!  I also loved the area and can’t wait to take a client down there.  I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before!

Las Vegas Children's PhotographerLas Vegas child photographer

The bottom right one above is for Ailish’s preschool teacher.  “Miss Amy says hang upside down!”  And, indeed, she thinks she is hanging upside down! Love her! 

Las Vegas twins photographer

I’ll have to get my parents to scan the photograph, but Ian (far right in the left image) is the spitting image of my brother in an old-time photograph around the same age – expression included!!

undefinedFor some reason, Ailish has always had an affinity for Colin.  She loves both brothers but says she is going to marry Colin when she grows up.  Why?  “Because he attacks me!” So at the end of the morning, Ian had decided he was done and Ailish and Colin had a great time jumping on the porch.


Such a hard day of work!!! No wonder they have child labor laws! 🙂

Las Vegas children's photographer


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