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Twins! | Rapid City Lifestyle Photographer

When I found out this amazing family was going to add twins to the mix, I was excited for them! You see, we did the same thing almost seven year ago and we’ve been on a wild ride since.  Granted, I only had a two year old when my twins were born.  They have a two and a four year old.  As you’ll see in the pics, Karyn is pretty much a super mom! I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and her family since we’ve arrived in Rapid City, so was excited to capture their life as a new family of 6!

We started by taking care of the babies and letting the older kids hang out a bit with me in the mix. As usual, Karyn was on top of things and big bro and sis were showing off their big sibling skills!

I came over to shoot a lifestyle session – one that shows a family in their home, doing the stuff they normally do, just being together.  However, the old posed newborn photographer in me came out a bit and we squeezed out these photos. G and A were a bit older than normal so not as sleepy but they cooperated.

twin babies

Dad stopped home from work so we could nab some family photos on the bed.  My fav is the black and white of the whole family on the bed.  Black and white captures the moment with distracting elements taken away.

Rapid city Lifestyle photographer

Rapid city Lifestyle photographer

It’s hard work to get your photo taken!  Big bro and sis humored me for a long time – and then took a much deserved break!

Rapid city Lifestyle photographer

And, of course, mama Karyn was mothering all of her kids the whole time.  What a lovely lady!

If you are interested in a family lifestyle session, please contact me at 605-388-2728 or  I serve the entire Black Hills region, centered around Rapid City.  I would love to help document a day in the life of your family, no matter the age of your kids.

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