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One Happy Daddy! | Las Vegas Family Photographer

This blog post is brought to you in honor of Father’s Day.  I know that sometimes your kids drive you nuts and keep you from doing all those “manly” things you think you should be doing but somewhere, down deep inside, you know you are better off for it! 🙂

Take today to enjoy your kids – they love you beyond all measure just because you are their dad.  Pretty neat job, isn’t it?!

With my hubby in the military, I am surrounded by dads (and moms) who have to be away from their kids for extended periods of time.  Just last week, I was privileged to photograph the homecoming of one of my friend’s husbands who deploys several months every year!  I joined them on base, awaiting the arrival of the bus carrying daddy and husband.  The excitement was palpable and the waiting prolonged by being able to see where they were across the airport but not having them arrive for a while due to customs and other formalities.

So I’m dedicating this Father’s Day to those dad who are missing their children and those children who are missing their dads.  Take a moment and pray for their safety and thank God for their dedication.

Here is their story in pictures:




  1. Dulcia,

    I saw all of the pictures on the website. You did an AMAZING job! I will seriously treasure these photos forever–I can’t stop looking at them! Thank you so much for blessing us in such an incredible way! You are so talented.

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